Upcoming Performances

July 14 2022

First United Methodist Church, Reno NV

Presented as part of the Sweet Vibrations Artown Series

SELZLER, Tristan: Mass in F

ROWAN, Andrew: 3 Contrasts

MUHLY, Nico: Saro

and other pieces TBD

August/September 2022 TBD

CRAFT Wine and Spirits, Reno NV

LENZ, Mark: Quintet

ROWAN, Andrew: 3 Contrasts

SHERMAN, Brandon: Start Stopping

SELZLER, Tristan: Manzanita Suite

VAN ZANDT LANE, Peter: Fugue State

MYERS, Aaron: Late Night Banter

Past Performances

July 27, 2021

Craft Wine and Spirits, Reno NV

Co-Presented with Tahoe Chamber Music Society

with guests Josh Reed on trumpet and Tyler Cravines, drums

MUHLY, Nico: Saro

^NOVAK, Paul: Je suis plus prés de toi dans l'obscurité...

CLAUSEN, Andy: Robert Henry

GUTHRIE, April: The Whitney Reno Cure

KAMEN, Michael: Quintet

LEWIS, Eddie: Gumbo Magic

WITHERS, Bill: Just The Two Of Us (arr. Skelly)

January 17, 2020

The Depot

A variety of pop and jazz arrangements for brass quintet.

November 3, 2019

Craft Wine and Beer

With pre-concert lecture with Dr. Alicia Barber, author of Reno's Big Gamble

Funded in part by grants from Nevada Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, Nevada Humanities, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

*GUTHRIE, April: The Whitney Reno Cure

*^SELZLER, Tristan: Mass in F

TOWER, Joan: Copperwave

GLASS, Philip: Brass Sextet

with special guest Kris Enstrom, horn

July 15, 2019

First United Methodist Church, Reno

with special guests George Brahler and Jordy Guldman on trumpets

HOWARD, Bart/GALE, Jack: Fly Me To The Moon

^SHERMAN, Brandon: Many Colors of Views

ROWAN, Andrew: Three Short Pieces

WARREN, Harry/CUNNINGHAM, Nigel: There Will Never Be Another You

*^SELZLER, Tristan: Manzanita Suite

*^HUTCHINSON, Scott/FLEMING, Paul: Snake


BERLIN, Irving/JARVIS, Jeff: Blue Skies

March 17, 2019

The Potentialist Workshop

*^ SINGLEY, Robert: Ouroboros (with Josh Dunlap on trumpet)

EBEN, Peter: Quintetto

ABRAHAMSEN, Hans: Round and In Between

*^ SHERMAN, Brandon: Start Stopping

* ROWAN, Andrew: 3 Contrasts

PLOG, Anthony: Mosaics

November 8, 2018

Laughing Planet

with special guest Eric Rogers, bass trombone

RANDS, Bernard: Fanfare

*^ SHERMAN, Brandon: Many Colors of Views

^ LENZ, Mark: Brass Quintet

works marked with an asterisk (*) indicate world premiere

works marked with a caret (^) indicate Reno-area local composer.

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